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BlackHand HC Down

There's some night where evrything is going smooth, evrything seems easy, you get this 30Primal on your 96% mission, you get that impossible loot just on a bonus roll, the mythic trinket you ve been after for weeks appear in your mythic garrison cache, the Lichking will finally decide to drop Invincible's Reins, and... you go to BlackRock foundry on Heroic, stack in front of Blackhand, and just one shot it, first kill. Usually, right after that, you wake up. But last night, it was real ! BH HC dead !

We then decided to go and one shot Kargath Bladefist on mythic, why ? Because we can ! Next step, Blackrock mythic. Stay tuned.

10/10 - 9/10, Let the fun begin

Really fun fight compared to maiden, furnace was only a challenge for a week. After trying different opening, we went thought phase 2 and 3 in no time. To celebrate this, we decided to resurrect an old Lightwalkers tradition, Group Selfie (Yes we were doing that even before there was a word for it)

While distributing the precious loots, we realised we were only one boss away from the next stage, but BlackHand Normal was still missing from the ToDoList, here we go...Knock knock Blackhand :

HC Maiden Down

Yesterday we made it, Maiden is down. Jeez this fight is annoying.. 10minutes doing exactly the same things just to reach the phase where you can play leapfrog with turret fireball ! Grats to all the new owner of tiers gloves, Furnace next !

New Website !

Hello and welcome on the lightwalkers new website. We tried to make a very simple interface to focus on importants things : News ! Yes I will try to keep you updated with all the progress and mythics kills, so please, stay tuned :)

Did you know than all my followers are 675+ ?

Yes, it is unbelievable, but he made it ! World first gnome with a French accent to reach 40 675+ Followers ! OMG, this is so going on my twitter account !
Yes, it was only a test news :)