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Assasination Rogue Application

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 00:52
by Trollic
General Information:

Character name: Trollic

Applying for Social OR Raider?
Raider but I like to be social as well.

Class/Level: 100 Assasination Rogue

Character profile link (WoW Armory): ... lic/simple

Any regularly played alts?
Not really, occasionally I'll level my balanced druid.

Guild History
Forever Angels - Social raiding normal hfc.

Previous guild(s) & reason to leave: I left because I wanted to take the next step into mythic HFC considering I pugged my way to almost full heroic gear.

Reason why it's Lightwalkers you have chosen to join: I could be wrong, but I think Lightwalkers are at the first bosses of HFC mythic (2/13) and I want the progress experience rather then being boosted into let's say an 8/13 mythic guild. Besides that it seems like a good social guild.

Raiding: I have not been raiding prior to WoD but I am a pretty fast learner. As I mentioned earlier I pugged my way to almost full heroic gear while my guild was stuck at normal.

If you are applying for a social membership in Lightwalkers, you don't need to fill out the "Raiding" section. Please be aware that we cannot offer you a raidspot in our core team then tho, unless we decide to open one up for recruitment and you meet the appropriate requirements. While not being taken into account for our main raid team, social members may of course take part in any flex or alt raids run by the guild.

Do you have any experience raiding Vanilla, BC, LK, Cata or MoP content at its appropriate level?

Which are your important AddOns to use for raiding?
I don't use too many addons, as odd it might sound I still use the blizzard UI because I think the other ones are a mess to set up and I am lazy like that. The ones I do use are tidyplates, weakauras, deadly boss mods, Iskar assist.

Have TS installed + mic or would install it + get one?
It's installed and I have a microphone.

Will you be able to regularly attend our 3 weekly raids? (Monday, Thursday and Sunday 19:45-23:30 server time)
Monday, Thursday is fine. The other week or so, I might have trouble on Sundays, that could probably be solved by rotation in the raid team.

Why did you chose the spec you have and what do you believe your class (and spec) brings to our raids?
I choose assassination because it's fun while also doing a big chunk of dps. I've considered changing to Subtley because it's supposed to have higher dps. Hopefully I can bring good melee dps, I am not aware what the standards are for the raiding team. But I usually get 60-70k more on some bosses like Fel Lord Zakuun, Archimonde.

Why do you like to raid? What do you aim for? I like raiding because you get the social aspect of World of Warcraft while also getting personal progress such as better gear and a personal best.

Extra Info

Water, Gold or Cheese?
Gold is nice, water is very critical to everyone's existence, but Cheese ... Cheese is delicious. While it is true that you can buy both water and cheese with gold, If I don't have water from the beginning I might risk dehydration before I can buy any water. That is completely depending on the circumstances of course. (Too much?) :D

Tell us a little about the person behind the character!
I am a 19 year old male living in Sweden, studying to become something in the lines of IT. I've yet to figure out my life plans. On my free time I play video games and have been doing that since I was 7 years old. That's a very rough summary, other then that I like to hike in the mountains and walk long relaxing walks on the beach. (yes that was a joke)

What do you expect from the guild you want to join, or LW as a guild?
I expect a lot of fun and to help with the mythic progression.

Re: Assasination Rogue Application

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 20:52
by Indigo

i'm afraid LW have decided to retire from raiding for the rest of WoD. We had more and more people dropping out of the raid roster recently, taking a break until the release of Legion, so we couldn't regularly raid mythic for lack of signups anymore.
We will of course start raiding again shortly after Legion release, but for now all i could offer is a spot on our legion raidteam or as social member until then (and right now, we're all just social members waiting for new content).
You're welcome to contact me via (indigo#2926) but not gonna blame you at all if you wish to look at other options now :)

Re: Assasination Rogue Application

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 21:30
by Trollic
Oh, sad to hear that. Thanks for taking your time, but I'll have to look into other options. My goal is to get archimonde down on mythic before legions hits, I probably won't but it would be awesome and damn me if I don't try. Have a nice evening and who knows maybe I'll pop up here again some other time in the future. :)

Re: Assasination Rogue Application

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 21:42
by Indigo
Good luck :)

Re: Assasination Rogue Application

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 22:45
by grimbaz
He seemed nice^^ hope ya return in legion bud :)